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Celestite attracts luck and success. It also calms tempers, gives one strength of purpose and a deep belief in the workings of the universe. As a stone for manifesting success, it gives you the power to know what it is you are truly seeking and the ability to follow your intuition. Celestite also bestows on you a sense of having a "guardian angel" at your side, so that you can trust in your decisions and perceive the world and your place in it from an objective perspective. Celestite also aids mental clarity as it clears and sharpens the mind. Not only is Celestite beautiful to the eye but it has many benefits. 


Place a small cluster of this lovely blue stone in the south corner of your home to keep you sharp and alert. Use this stone while meditating, keep it by your bedside for a tranquil night's sleep. Use this stone as an effective anti-anxiety tool and it will allow you to replace any negative feelings with inner peace. If you have trouble sleeping, hold celestite for a moment before you go to sleep to release any stress from the day. 


- Spirituality 

- Communication

- Clarity

- Peace

- Harmony 

- Deeper self-awareness

- Higher conciousness 

- Good fortune